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Happy Patients Say It All!

   “My initial reaction to finding out that there was a solution for me was, "Yeah well, there isn't." I was told by a world renowned clinic in the United States that there was no cure. I did it basically to prove Brant Pain Relief wrong, that they can’t fix me, and right out of the gate I saw improvement and thought, wow, these guys are 40 minutes from my house and I’d been traveling internationally trying to get help.


  I rode a bike 26km yesterday, I can run, I can swim, I couldn't walk half a block before. I can do everything now, I can function perfectly.”


-Tim Rodger

   “When I came in we started talking about my body as a whole, not in parts.  We started talking about my structure, getting my vertebrae aligned. Once we got my vertebrae in line, my shoulder stopped rotating, my head came back into place, My legs are the same length. I'm free of all symptoms, I've been off drugs for 7 years, I'm skiing again, I think I'm in better health than I've been in 20 or 30 years”


-Lin Fines

   “Guy did an adjustment on me that changed my life, in that moment I knew something was different, it was probably the reason I went to school, I felt in my body something change immediately. As a matter of fact, I had been adjusted hundreds maybe thousands of times, and Guy was able to do something no one was able to do.


   Guy has done a ton of work on me over the years, he's been my Chiropractor since 1995. So I'm here as a patient, and proud to be here as a Doctor helping to perform similar protocol”


-Dr. Jody Anderson

   “I have never walked out of a doctor’s office feeling better than when I walked in until now.”


-Scott Steinhoff

    "I had severe head trauma from a difficult birth and suffered with daily headaches and migraines into 50s. I came to Brant Pain Relief Clinic to get help for sciatic nerve damage and after 6 months the sciatica AND my headaches were gone. I never thought the two problems were related. I’m so grateful the headaches are gone!"


-Sheri Robins

Still Not Convinced?

Hear many more stories below about this amazing therapy that has saved the lives of so many patients from clinics all around the world! These are not our testimonials, but are testimonials towards the Advanced BioStructural Correction procedure.


Courtesy of RumbleTV

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