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Helping You Heal Faster

When we have an injury, trauma, or develop a body problem that seems to come out of nowhere, It can be very confusing as to what type of practitioner is best to solve your problem and get you back to enjoying your life to the fullest.  


At Brant Pain Relief, our Physiotherapist and Structural Care Doctors work together to identify the source of your pain in order to provide the best treatment solution. 


Our Physiotherapist Provides:

• Mobilization Techniques 

• Postural Rehabilitation

• Muscle Education

• Core Strengthening 

With Advanced Training In:

• Lumbo-pelvic Dysfunction

• Acupuncture

• Dry Needling

• Vestibular Rehabilitation 

• TMJ Dysfunction

• Tapping Mechanism

• Nerve Conduction Studies

• Sports Rehabilitation

• Post-Surgical Rehab

• Chronic Pain

Notice a change in your body,
after your first visit!

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