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Advanced Bio-Structural Correction

A Different Approach


Structural Correction or (ABC – Advanced BioStructural Correction) is an advanced method of fixing body problems based on new discoveries made about how our bodies work and what goes wrong.


We cannot avoid body problems because our bodies are unable to fully self-correct all the stresses and traumas we experience throughout our lives.


Excercise will not fix these problems long term because we don’t have the muscles pulling in the proper direction. As body problems develop, our bodies compensate which then create pains and syndromes.


Treating Compensations or (Where is Hurts) will typically only provide temporary relief because the underlying cause of the Pain is not being addressed. Structural Correction exposes the root of the problem providing long lasting relief and a level of health never thought possible. Patients notice significant changes in their body and how they feel with just a few treatments.


Your body works as a single synchronized functioning unit. A curved, bent or twisted spine will cause misalignments, stress or pressure in other areas of your body.

What is Advanced BioStructural Correction?

How can it help me?


Dr. Guy Pelletier explains how ABC works and how it differs from other forms of spinal adjustment.

Symptoms and Problems Treatable by Advanced BioStructural Correction

Our success comes from treating the root causes of problems, NOT the symptoms. If you have any of the following symptoms and/or conditions you may have a serious progressive spinal problem.

We can help you.

• Osteo Arthritis

• Degenerative Disc Disease

• Sciatica

• Stenosis

• Pinched Nerves

• Headaches

• Neck Pain

• Hand or Arm Numbness or Tingling

• Chronic Hip, Knee or Foot pain

• Fatigue

• Stiffness/Tension Across Shoulders

• Shoulder Pain

How else can ABC assist in my recovery?


This animated diagram explains how in many head injuries such as concussion, the spinal recovery is often overlooked. ABC can help you to complete recovery, faster. 

Why am I in pain? What is the next step?


Dr. Jeff Aberle explains how a healthy spine can deteriorate into a curved, twisted shape. This leads to pain and discomfort keeping you from going about your everyday routine. ABC is the only way to correct this pain.

Further Your Research

If you are searching for answers, there is much more to learn about Advanced Bio-Structural Correction.


Visit the site above for more information on specific symptoms, details on procedure, and testimonials from the thousands of patients who's lives have been forever changed.


Watch the extended video below, for an in-depth explanation of the development and process of this life-changing procedure.

Why live in pain? Start your full, pain-free life.

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