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Laser Therapy

Cell Regeneration

In 2003,  Brant Pain Relief was the first clinic in Southwestern Ontario to offer BioFlex Laser Therapy.


Since then, It has grown to be the largest Laser facility in the area.   Our Doctors have years of training to make accurate diagnoses that will ensure the most effective treatment outcomes.  With multiple units, more than one area can be treated and we have many appointment times to choose from. Healing with laser therapy occurs faster and with stronger results, and aids in the prevention of re-injury.


Even problems patients have suffered with or experienced for years have been effectively treated.

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What are the benefits of Laser Therapy?

Is it right for me?


Our Laser Technicians explain how Laser Therapy works to heal cells, and can be used in part with ABC procedure. 

Learn More About BioFlex Laser Therapy

Bioflex laser therapy effectively relieves:

• Disc Disease/Degeneration

• Stenosis

• Sciatica

• Arthritis in Hips, Knees, Back and/or Shoulders

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Tendonitis

• Sport Injuries

• Pre-Post Joint Replacement Surgery

• Neck Pain

• Inflammation

• Bursitis

• Injuries Resulting from Motor Vehicle Accidents


Further Your Research

An overview of the Bioflex Laser Therapy System, from the BioFlex Laser Therapy YouTube Channel.

If you are searching for more details about Bioflex Laser Therapy,


Visit the site above  for more testimonials, resources, and details on how everyone can benefit from Low intensity light therapy. 

Notice a change in your body,
after your first visit!

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