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Trained as Chiropractors - but doing something very different.
Pain relief is the first step in achieving your health potential.
A Typical Pain Relief Patient:
• Has lived with pain for a long time and is not getting better despite their best efforts.
• Has body problems and pains that Wear Them Out, making it difficult to get though the day.
• Feels their life is deteriorating and is concerned about their future health.
• Has had recent Sprain - Strain - Spasm...and wants to get back toactivity as soon as possible.
• Is someone who wants to maximize their Health Potential and wants to enjoy activity and mobility late in life.
At Brant Pain Relief Clinic, you'll find something different, starting with some answers.

The corrective care we provide doesn't just rid you of your acute pain; it approaches the root of the problem. Our unique assesment and treatment method identifies the underlying source of your pain so we can solve your actual problem and not just treat the collateral pain that you feel.

Depending on the cause of your pain, you may need Bioflex Laser Therapy, Structural Care or a combination of both treatments.

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced to assess each individual for a successful outcome.

  "I have never walked out of a doctor's office feeling better than when I walked in until now."  
  - Scott Steinhoff  
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  Patients are often surprised to learn that their pain is actually a symptom of a different problem - often in a different area of the body entirely  
  Why learn to live with pain? Start living your full, pain free life. Call us today!  
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